Andersson Family

Pehr Andersson

Birth: 16 November 1773, at Sandwik (Sandvik), Ludgo, Södermanland, Sweden

Baptism: 16 November 1773, in Ludgo, Södermanland, Sweden

Mother: Britta Persdotter

Notes: Pehr was an illigitimate child (oägta), and his father is not listed in the birth record. The surname Andersson is used in the Nysätter Husförhörslängd record. Since this is not the patronymic derived from the mothers surname (i.e derived from the mother's father), it is quite likely that the father's name was Anders.

1783: Löfnäs, Ludgo, Södermanland
1790-1793: Skinnartorp, Ludgo, Södermanland
1793-1799: Nysäter, Ludgo, Södermanland


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