Andersson Family

August Edvard Andersson

Fiskarstugan, Vårdinge
the torp Fiskarstugan in Vårdinge parish where August was born 
photo from Anna-Britta Magnusson
Birth: 4 November 1866, at Fiskarstugarn, Vårdinge, Stockholms län

Father: Anders Gustaf Andersson

Mother: Kristina Lovisa Jansdotter

Notes: In 1882 Edvard was a farmhand at Hallebro, Frustuna (D). In 1884 he moved to Gryt (D) and 1886 back to Hallebro, Frustuna. In 1887 he moved to his parents at Dalsäter, Frustuna. He moved to Ljusdal in Gävleborgs län in 1893. He was a railway worker from 1893.


Karl Gustaf Andersson

Birth: 18 August 1858, at Bommersvik, Turinge, Stockholms län

Baptism: 22 August 1822, in Turinge, Stockholms län

Father: Anders Gustaf Andersson

Mother: Kristina Lovisa Jansdotter

Married: to Augusta Sofia Jansdotter on 21 February 1880

Children: Death: 30 August 1924, in Södertälje hospital, Stockholms län

Notes: Karl was noted as a twin in the födelsebok and the HFL. In 1858 Karl moved to Orrsättra, Överjärna and thereafter back to Bommersvik in 1859. In 1860 he lived at Mora, Överjärna (B). In 1861 he moved to Aspdalen in Ytterjärna (B). In April 1863 he moved to Fiskarstugan, Vårdinge (B), in 1873 to Ängen, and in 1876 to Petterslund, in Vårdinge. On 5 November 1879 Karl moved from home and became a farmhand at Kvarntorp in Kattnäs (D). From 24 April 1880 to 24 October Karl was a farmhand on the farm Näsby in Vårdinge (B) and he lived at Alby. From 8 November 1882 he was a torpare at Höghult under Näsby in Vårdinge. From 1900 Karl was noted as a tenant farmer of the torp. According to his son Axel Karl slaughtered for the farmers in the area.

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