The Brinkley Family

Fred Brinkley

Birth: 1872, in Norton, Suffolk, England

Father: George Brinkley

Mother: Elizabeth (_____) Brinkley

Married: Elizabeth (Balls) Moyes on 12 February 1898, in Norton, Suffolk, England. The marriage was witnessed by Harry Balls and Sarah Balls. Fred is recorded as aged 25, a bachelor and labourer of Norton, the son of George, deceased, a labourer. Elizabeth is recorded as aged 27, a widow of Norton, the daughter of Harry, a labourer.

Children: Occupation: Agricultural Labourer (1891-1899); Horsekeeper (1901)

1881: Stanton Street, Norton, Suffolk
1891: Norton, Suffolk
1901: Butchers Row, Norton, Suffolk


Kate Florence Brinkley

Birth: 28 January 1899, in Stow district, Suffolk, England

Baptised: 8 October 1899, in Norton, Suffolk, England

Father: Fred Brinkley

Mother: Elizabeth (Balls, Moyes) Brinkley

Death: 1900, in Stow district, Suffolk, England, aged 1

Buried: 20 March 1900, in Norton, Suffolk, England

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