The Carter Family

Stephen Willoughby Doyne Carter

Birth: 13 September 1887, in Stroud Green, London, England

Father: Willoughby Carter

Mother: Anne Catherine (Doyne) Carter

Education: Wellington College, then Keble College, Oxford graduating B.A. in 1909, and M.A. in 1913. Ely Theological College in 1910, deacon in 1911, priest in 1912
Wellington College register: 1859 - July 1905 p60 by Joseph Louis Bevir (1906)
CARTER, Stephen Willoughby Doyne, 12, (HOME BOARDER, 1900-   ) son of the Rev. Willoughby Carter.
 Address: 29 Bramham Gardens, London S.W.

Occupation: Clergyman. Stephen was curate of St Michael's in Wakefield, West Riding of Yorkshire from 1911-14. In 1917, he was a member of the Community of the Resurrection, an Anglican religious organization based in Mirfield, West Riding of Yorkshire members of which take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. The organization was especially involved in South Africa, with as many as half of the members in ministry there. Stephen became part of this South African ministry which later became renowned under the leadership of Trevor Huddleston. From 1917 to 1932, Stephen was assistant priest at the Rand Native Mission, and mission priest at Rossetenville, Transvaal, from 1932 until 1948, then priest-in-charge until 1956. He was also honourary chaplain to the Bishop of Johannesburg from 1946 until 1948. From 1956 until 1962, Stephen was C. of Sekhukhuneland mission (then in the Diocese of Pretoria, this area is now in Limpopo province) where he worked at the Jane Furse hospital. Stephen retired in 1963/4 and died soon thereafter.

Trevor Huddleston by Piers McGrandle p47
So, first, [Trevor] needed to get to know the fellow members of the Community who were staying with him at the Priory in Sophiatown, a small bungalow with two front doors and a red tin roof, which was set back from the street. The older brethren were all older than him; there was Fr David Downton, who was in his sixties; Fr Stephen Carter and Fr Matthew Trelawney-Ross, both in their fifties; and Fr Claude Lunniss, who was in his thirties.

Death: 1 January 1965, at The Kensington Sanatorium, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa

Census & Addresses:
1901: Crowthorne, Berkshire: Stephen W. B. Carter, boarder, is aged 13, born in London
1906: 29 Bramham Gardens, London S.W.  (Wellington College register: 1859 - July 1905 p60)
1911: Ely St Mary, Cambridgeshire: Stephen Willoughby Doyne Carter is aged 23, born in Stroud Green, London
1943: Sophiatown, Transvaal, South Africa (Trevor Huddleston by Piers McGrandle p47)


Willoughby Carter

Title: Reverend

Birth: 1856, in Kingston, Somerset, England

Father: Eccles James Carter

Education: Keble College, Oxford graduating B.A. on 10 July 1880, and M.A. in 1884.
Alumni Oxoniensis 1714-1886 Vol I p225 (1891)
Carter, Rev. Willoughby, 2s Eccles James, of Kingston, Somerset, cler. KEBLE COLL., matric. 16 Oct., 1876, aged 20; exhibitioner 1879, B.A. 1880, M.A. 1884.

The Times (London) 12 July 1880
In a Congregation held this morning, being the last day of Trinity Term, the following degrees were conferred:-
M.A.-Charles Edward Nepean, University; Edward Littleton Vaughan, Vincent Waldo Calmady Hamlyn, and Rev. George William Daniell, Balliol; John Bennett, Exeter; Rev. Wyndham Arthur Scinde Merewether, Oriel; Edward Malin Hutton, Queen's; Rev. Charles Black and Rev. Edward Richard Gardiner, New; Rev. Francis Gwynne Wesley, All Souls' College; George Edward Solly, Magdalen; Rev. Gamaliel Milner and William Stepney Rawson, Christ Church; Rev. William Skillicome Fallon and Walter Lionel Giles, St. John's; Rev. Edward Parry, unattached; Frederick Barnes Lott, Christ Church.
B.A.-Arthur Seudamore Burr, University; Islay Ferrier Burns, Balliol; Allen Henry Powles, James Moullin Laine, and Ralph George Carpenter, Exeter; Thomas Edmond Powell and George Henry Cobb, Oriel; William Edward Moore and Richard Warwick Bond, Queen's; Richard Middleton Hill, Montague John Druitt, Edward Tyas Cook, Robert Purnell Horsley, and Frederick William Waldebrand Pattenden, New; Rev. William Mariner, William Robert Sheldon, and James Edward Hogg, Lincoln; Alfred Temple Roberts, Magdalen; Robert Ellis Cunliffe, Henry St. Clair Feilden, Reginald Charles Lott, and Arthur William Woollcombe Gorden, C.C.C.; Edward William Hansell, Arthur Pitcairn Canaway, William Francis Beddoes, and Walter Richmond Hay, Ch. Ch.; Benjamin Hayward Browne, Trinity; Arthur Pierre Poley, William Stephen Craiger, and Hugh Johnson; William Dobinson, Wadham; Frederick Haigh Voigt, Worcester; Francis Heveningham Pughe, All Souls; Willoughby Carter, Francis Martelli, John Ernest Smith-Masters, and Alfred Charles Lowth, Keble; Thomas William Pritchard, Hertford; Edward Hamilton Irving, unattached.

Married: Anne Catherine Doyne on 9 January 1884, in Poole district, Dorset, England

Occupation: Clergyman. Willoughby was curate of Hawarden, in Flintshire, Wales, and possibly as Holy Trinty in Stroud Green, London and St Matthias, Kensington, London.

Death: 1923, in Thanet district, Kent, England aged 66

Census & Addresses:
1881: The College, Bedwin Street, Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire
1906: 29 Bramham Gardens, London S.W.  (Wellington College register: 1859 - July 1905 p60)

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