Jansson Family

Johan Jansson

(Jan Jansson)

Birth: 19 March 1802, at Ekebystugan, Hölö, Stockholm, Sweden

Baptism: 21 March 1802, in Hölö, Stockholm, Sweden

Father: Jan Nilsson

Mother: Catharina Larsdotter

Married: to Anna Ersdotter


Occupation: Tenant farmer (torpare). Until 1838, Jan was a farmworker (dräng), on the farm Ahlsätter in Lästringe when children were born in 1836 and 1838. By 1841 he had become a tenant farmer, on the torp Hagalund, also in Lästringe. In 1846, the family moved to the farm Baggbohl, still in Lästringe. The coincidence is curious - Johanna Sophia, Jan's daughter, thus grew up on Baggbohl. She was later in life to marry Carl Andersson, and Carl's father, Anders Pehrsson, had worked on Baggbohl back in 1820!

1841-1843: Hagalund, Lästringe, Södermanland
1843-1845: Baggbohl, Lästringe, Södermanland
1846-1850: Baggbohl, Lästringe, Södermanland
1851-1852: Baggbohl, Lästringe, Södermanland


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