The Moore Family

David Lucius Henry Moore

Birth: 1892, in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England

Baptism: 21 June 1892 in St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England

Father: James Sinclair Moore

Mother: Fanny Maria Grace (Plumbe) Moore

Education: Trinity College Dublin

Married: Maude Meredith Manly in 1927 in St. Thomas district, Devon, England

Maude was born in 1901 in Kings Norton district, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire, and baptised on 20 July 1901 in Harbone, Staffordshire, the daughter of John Herbert Manly and Edith Gladys Roe.
1911: Edgbaston, Worcestershire: Meredith Manly is aged 9

Notes: David served in World War I, initially in the Royal Army Service Corps and later in the Royal Flying Corps. He served in the Dublin University Officers’ Training Corps and was commissioned second lieutenant, Royal Army Service Corps on 19 September 1914. David was posted to Salonika from 11 November 1915. and promoted to lieutenant on 1 January 1916. He then contracted malaria, and returned to the UK via Malta. David transferred by application to Royal Flying Corps on 17 April 1917 and was appointed Flying Officer on 20 September 1917 (London Gazette 9 October 1917 p10474). He was posted as a pilot to 18 Squadron (D.H.9a’s) at Izel-le-Hameau, France in October 1918. The squadron undertook daylight bombing until the end of the war. David was admitted to Prince of Wales Hospital on 5 February 1919 and was discharged with the honorary rank of lieutenant on 8 April 1919.

1901: Willesden, Middlesex: David L. H. Moore, son, is aged 8, born in Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk.
1911: Arkley, Middlesex: David Henry Luciano Moore is aged 18, born in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk


Ellen Annie Moore

Birth: 1895, in Kilburn, Willesden, Middlesex, England

Father: James Sinclair Moore

Mother: Fanny Maria Grace (Plumbe) Moore

1901: Willesden, Middlesex: Ellen A. Moore, daughter, is aged 6, born in Kilburn, London
1911: Wellington Urban, Shropshire: Ellen Annie Moore is aged 16, born in Kelburne, London


Grace Elizabeth Ellen Moore

Birth: 1889, in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England

Father: James Sinclair Moore

Mother: Fanny Maria Grace (Plumbe) Moore

1891: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk: Geace E. Moore, daughter, is aged 1, born in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
1901: Willesden, Middlesex: Grace E. Moore, daughter, is aged 11, born in Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk.
1911: Wellington Urban, Shropshire: Grace Elizabeth Ellen Moore is aged 21, born in S Great Yarmouth, Norfolk


James Sinclair Moore

Birth: 1853/4, in Rathfarnham, county Dublin

Married: Fanny Maria Grace Plumbe in 1881, in Lyncombe & Widcombe, Somerset, England

Children: Occupation: Clergyman.
James was incumbent of St Georges in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, then St Johns in Kilburn, Middlesex, then vicar of All Saints, Wellington, Shropshire from 1901 until 1923.

Notes: In 1896 James was a witness in a trial of Rowland Hill who had stolen items from James's house:
Old Bailey online 1895-6 p185
REV. JAMES SINCLAIR MOORE. I am a clerk in Holy Orders residing at St. John's Vicarage, Oxford Road, Kilburn—on December 4th I went to Bath leaving my house in charge of Edith Slater, a nurse in our service—on the 5th I received information by telegram and came home—I found a panel had been cut out from my scullery door at the back of the house opening on to a back-yard—an arm could be put through the hole so made, and the key turned and the lower bolt pulled back—I missed £40 worth of property, silver salver and spoons, and plated goods, a bag, some money and a cheque—the salver was presented to me by the St. George's Church, Great Yarmouth, two years ago; it had my family crett, an inscription with my name, and the Yarmouth Arms—it has not been recovered—this silver-plated coffee pot, inkstand, paper-knife, and candle-sticks are my property.

Death: 1925, in St. Thomas district, Devon, England, aged 72

Census & Addresses:
1891: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk: James Sindan Moore, head, is aged 37, born in Dublin
1896: St John's Vicarage, Oxford Road, Kilburn, Middlesex   (Old Bailey online 1895-6 p185)
1901: Willesden, Middlesex: James S. Moore, head, is aged 47, born in Dublin, Ireland. His occupation is Clergyman Church of England
1911: Wellington Urban, Shropshire: James Sinclaw Moore is aged 57, born in Rathfurnham, county Dublin

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