Persdotter Family

Britta Persdotter

also spelled Brita Pehrsdotter; Brita Pärsdotter

Birth: 3 May 1728, in Hyltinge, Södermanland, Sweden

Married: to Erik Persson


Death: 16 March 1814, at Malmalund, Ludgo, Södermanland, Sweden, aged 85 years, 10 months and 13 days. Brita died of old age (Ålderdom).

Buried: 20 March 1814, in Ludgo, Södermanland, Sweden

Notes: After the death of her husband in 1808, Brita moved to Tallbacken (also in Ludgo) in 1809 to live with her daughter Brita Stina and her husband and children. In 1812 she moved to live with her son Anders at Malmalund, Ludgo, where she was noted to be bedridden, until her death.

1753-1759: Bogslund, Ludgo, Södermanland
1760-1764: Bogslund, Ludgo, Södermanland
1764-1767: Oxhagen, Ludgo, Södermanland
1768-1777: Oxhagen, Ludgo, Södermanland
1783: Skinnartorp, Ludgo, Södermanland
1790-1799: Skinnartorp, Ludgo, Södermanland


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