Persson Family

Anders Persson

Birth: 22 March 1797, at Löfnäs, Ludgo, Södermanland, Sweden. Löfnäs is also spelled Lövnäs.

Baptism: 25 March 1797 in Ludgo, Södermanland, Sweden

Father: Per Eriksson

Mother: Maria Persdotter

Married: Anna Lovisa Lundman on 26 December 1820, in Lästringe, Södermanland, Sweden

Children: Occupation: Tenant farmer (torpare). We can trace Anders' progression in farming from the Husförhörslängd and descriptions on his children's birth records. Aged 14 he starts as a servant boy at a nearby farm, Stocktorp, for a couple of years. He spends the next couple of years back at home and then at 17 he starts as a farmhand at Skinnartorp,and then at Spelmanstorp. In 1820, at the time of his marriage, Anders was a farmhand (drängen) on the farm Baggbohl, in Lästringe. He married Anna Lundman from the farm Långsjötorp, in Lästringe. The couple evidently continued to live on Längsjötorp - Maria is born there in 1822, and Anders is listed only as a "son-in-law"! (måg). The next year Anders is a farmhand (dräng) on Grundshammar, and by 1826, a foreman (rättaren) on Gärdesta. In 1829 he is listed as a farmer (bonde) on Stora Näs (also called Torpestanäs), in Ludgo parish, although this status is probably in error, as the Husförhörslängd still shows him as a farmhand. He is shown as a  farmhand (dräng) on the same farm in 1831. In 1833 and 1835, he is back as a foreman on Sophiælund, and finally, in 1835, he gets land of his own, albeit rented, as a tenant farmer (torpare) on Charlottenlund, Ludgo. In 1842, at the birth of his son  Johan, we see him again as a farmhand, on Säby farm in Svärta parish. From 1847, he is a "housed farmhand" at Ekeby until his death in 1861. In 1861, the Husförhörslängd notes that Anders is a workhouse inmate.

Death: 4 May 1861, at Ekeby, Runtuna, Södermanland, Sweden, aged 64 years 1 month and 6 days. At his death he is listed as being given poor relief (fattighjonet).

Burial: 10 May 1861, in Runtuna, Södermanland, Sweden

1797 -1799: Löfnäs, Ludgo, Södermanland
1799-1811: Löfnäs, Ludgo, Södermanland

Lake Båven from Sofielund
View of Lake Båvern from the farm Sofielund
photo from Anna-Britta Magnusson
Charlottenlund, torp under Sofielund
photo from Anna-Britta Magnusson
1811-1812: Stocktorp, Ludgo, Södermanland
1812-1814: Löfnäs, Ludgo, Södermanland
1814-1816: Skinnartorp, Ludgo, Södermanland
1816-1818: Spelmanstorp, Ludgo, Södermanland
1818-1820: Baggbol, Lästringe, Södermanland
1820-1825: Långsjötorp, Lästringe, Södermanland
1825-1828: Gärdesta, Lästringe, Södermanland
1828-1831: Stora Näs, Ludgo, Södermanland
1831: Stora Näs, Ludgo, Södermanland
1831-1835: Sophiælund, Ludgo, Södermanland
1835: Charlottenlund, Ludgo, Södermanland
1836-1840: Charlottenlund, Ludgo, Södermanland
1841: Charlottenlund, Ludgo, Södermanland
1841-1846: Säby, Svärta, Södermanland
1846-1847: Husby, Svärta, Södermanland
1847-1861: Ekeby 1, Runtuna, Södermanland


Erik Persson

also spelled Erik Pehrsson

Birth: 18 December 1788, at Lövnäs, Ludgo, Södermanland, Sweden

Baptism: 21 December 1788 in Ludgo, Södermanland, Sweden

Father: Per Eriksson

Mother: Maria Persdotter

1794-1799: Lövnäs, Ludgo, Södermanland
1811 - 1812: Stocktorp, Ludgo, Södermanland (farmworker)
1812 - ??? : Lövnäs, Ludgo, Södermanland


Per Persson

also spelled Pehr Pehrsson

Birth: 5 August 1791, at Lövnäs, Ludgo, Södermanland, Sweden

Baptism: 7 August 1791 in Ludgo, Södermanland, Sweden

Father: Per Eriksson

Mother: Maria Persdotter

Married: Anna Katerina Persdotter on 23 October 1814, in Ludgo, Södermanland, Sweden. The banns were read on 21 August 1814.

Children: Occupation: Tenant farmer (torpare).

Death: 28 February 1858, at Lövnäs, Ludgo, Södermanland, Sweden

Buried: 7 March 1858, in Ludgo, Södermanland, Sweden

1794-1799: Lövnäs, Ludgo, Södermanland
1807 - 1811: Stocktorp, Ludgo, Södermanland (farmworker)
1811 - 1858: Lövnäs, Ludgo, Södermanland

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