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Abraham Edward John Sanford

Abraham Edward John Sanford
Abraham Edward John Sanford
Wedding photo of Abraham Edward John Sanford and Alice Agnes Taylor
Wedding of Abraham Edward John Sanford and Alice Agnes Taylor
Birth: 25 November 1906, in Anderson's Creek (a.k.a. Warrandyte), Victoria, Australia

Father: Edward John Sanford

Mother: Elizabeth Ellen (Hartrick) Sanford

Married: Alice Agnes Taylor on 2 June 1928 in Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia

Alice was born on 1 November 1907, in Collingwood, Victoria. She died on 4 October 1998 in Brunswick East, Victoria, aged 90, and was buried on 8 October 1998 in Fawkner Memorial Park, Fawkner, Victoria.

Occupation: Professional fisherman. Jack also worked for the State Electricity Commission (S.E.C.)

Known as "Jack".

Death: 13 May 1982, Yarra district, Victoria, Australia, aged 75

Buried: 18 May 1982 in Fawkner Memorial Park, Fawkner, Victoria, Australia


Charles William Sanford

Charles William Sanford
Charles William Sanford on Smith Street in Collingwood, Victoria
Birth: 15 October 1909, in Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia

Father: Edward John Sanford

Mother: Elizabeth Ellen (Hartrick) Sanford

Occupation: Bootmaker and butcher. He also drove tramway buses after World War II.

Known as "Bill".

Charles performed military service from 1 January 1925 until 28 February 1926 aboard the HMAS Tinga, with a rating of Boy 2 (National Archives, Service No. 16595). From 1 May 1933 until 1 March 1934 Charles served with the 2nd Cavalry Division, Ligo, and he joined the 15th Field Brigade in Melbourne on 13 July 1936 (National Archives, Service No. 297604) and then enlisted in East St Kilda on 20 November 1939. At his discharge on 28 September 1945 he was serving in the HQ AIF Base Area with the rank of sergeant (National Archives, Service No. VX1089).

Charles is found on the electoral rolls in the following divisions:
1931: Collingwood, Victoria (p95 #5628)
1949: Collingwood, Victoria (p107 #6388)
1954: Collingwood, Victoria (p91 #5417)

Death: 15 February 1954, Fitzroy district, Victoria, Australia, aged 44

Buried: 16 February 1954 in Fawkner Memorial Park, Fawkner, Victoria, Australia


Edward John Sanford

Edward John Sanford
Edward John Sanford
Birth: 22 December 1881, in Kangaroo Flat, Victoria

Father: Edward Sanford

Mother: Mary (Taylor) Sanford

Married: Elizabeth Ellen Hartrick on 27 December 1905 in Anderson's Creek (a.k.a. Warrandyte), Victoria, Australia
Evelyn Observer (Victoria) 12 January 1906 p5
  A very stylish wedding took place at Warrandyte on Wednesday, 27th ult., Miss Nellie Hartrick (eldest daughter of Mr A. Hartrick), being united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Mr John Sanford (eldest son of Mr. E. Sanford), both of Warrandyte. Judging by the crowd assembled at the church it was a very popular event, as every available space was taken up. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Raymond, of Doncaster. Miss Hartrick (cousin of the bride) played the Wedding March. Showers of rice met the happy couple on leaving the church. The wedding breakfast was held in the Warrandyte Hall and ample justice done to to the good things provided. Several appropriate toasts were given and duly responded to. After the breakfast the Hall was cleared and some 200 friends of the bride and bridegroom spent a very pleasant time in dancing, singing, etc., till the small hours of the morning. Mr Wyatt spoke a few appropriate words and wished the couple all happiness, when all present joined in three hearty cheers to the pair, who left shortly after for their honeymoon. Both Church and Hall were beautifully decorated by friends of the bride. The bridesmaids were Misses E., P., C., and F. Hartrick (sisters of the bride), and Miss M. Sanford (sister of the bridegroom). Master A. Hartrick (brother of bride) acted as page.
  The bride wore a lovely dress of white silk and lace, knots of satin ribbons here and there, and train, which with exquisite veil of tulle, prettily worked with flowers and wreath of orange blossom, made a very bewitching picture. The six bridesmaids wore dresses of cream silk and voile and crepolene. The bride's mother wore black meav silk relieved with er?? lace and ribbon bows. Some of the guests wore very handsome dresses. Little Florrie Hartrick (the bride's sister) made a vision of loveliness in her pretty white silk under a crown of jasmine, and others were equally becoming and stylish. The bride's cousin looked lovely in cream voile and lace, and a love dress of cream and lace worn by one of the bride's friends was a creation in itself. A black silk voile, especially handsome, was worn by one of the ladies. Another dress, pale flowered muslin, was among the prettiest. One lady looked distinguished in broche silk; another, in blue voile, exquisitely made, looked pretty among the different dresses of the guests; others, too numerous to mention, looked equally becoming and interesting.
  The following is a list of the presents :—
  Father of Bride—Cheque.
  Bride to Bridegroom—Family bible.
  Groom to Bride—Bracelet and pearls.
  Groom to Maids—Bracelets
  Mr H Hartrick, Walhalla (uncle of bride)—Silver teapot.
  Miss and Mr W. Hartrick (sister and brother of bride)—Handsome dinner set.
  Mrs J. Hartrick (aunt of bride)— Copper hot water jug.
  Mrs Netison (aunt of bride)—Handsom ?ay ??.
  Mrs and Miss Symonds (aunt and cousin of bride)—Silver back brush and comb.
  Misses Hartrick (sisters of the bride)—butter dish, fruit bowl, and glasses.
  Mr and Mrs Watkins (uncle and aunt of bride)—Set of carvers.
  Mrs Watkins sen. (grandmother of bride)—Bread board and knife.
  Misses Watkins (nieces of bride)—butter dish and sugar basin.
  Mr and Mrs Lambert (uncle and  aunt ??) ????.
  S?ir T. D1v)idso---{h, gqen.
  A r J. 11J ohinuso-Cih Tue.
  Mr and Mrs Tr :ismse--Cheque.
  Al rs Aliwhel-iCiqno.
  PIr 1R Bl.,kc-COeues.
  Alr and Mrs Wyatt--Silver pickle jar.
  Mr D,,vidsan-.-IL ,?disme erunt.
  Mr. A. Apt1 , u.a.rd.- -tnudsonnt ci liet
  Mrs J. Ai:der.on, W\Vlliala-S-i ilver. iious iterl lisnit hi.rrel,
  Miss Tow'nll--Silver teapot.
  Mir O. Itle. (lesste- l'Set carvers.
  t.r ond- ;i s I tsitp ---S.,at .: c ,L ie.
  Miss C. Koml,-Sit ver sitsr dish.
  .1.Miss S. Keimp-lInnuls,uume side boatd cloth.
  Jones'[iltlLIndiints tiea-st.t
  Mr nid Mrs Gilbjert-1 dz. knives and forks.
  Mists Anel i rlter Gilbert—Silver   riiountiled fruit llod.
  Mrs R. li-a!z r—Set of carvers and bread board and knife.
  Mrs W. Aln,—Pair of urns
  Mrs H. lis'zer—Pair vases.
  Mrs P. Whelan—Pair urns.
  Mrs ('. \Whelan—Water jug. i ri II. S'aln—Jug and glasses. lres 555 aii. siinii—Set of jugs.
  Pits t [ithr—Jelly dish.
  .Aird—Silver cruet.
  Mrs W. Schlichting—Pair silver snit scelurs and spoons
  P1irs ' Thompson and brothers—Salad bowls and plates.
  Mi T'. Dowd—-Pair pictures.
  Miss E. Hoad—Pair pictures.
  Miss Morrison—Handsome lamp.
  iPer Fmrria Bros. (the Innocents)—   ithindbuitIn lamp.
  Pniniie Brothers—Ruby jug and glasses.
  Mr and Mrs Till—Salad bowl and plates.
  Mr W. Burden—Teapot, knives and forks.
  Miss Allrti—Doz. glasses.
  Miss E. Wall—Jug and glasses.
  Mr R. Mahoney—Set buckhorn carvers
  Ss1s l)e F?ien—Silver card dish.
  Miss lhllhuad, Ballarat—Handissisteild cujite cloth.
  Mrs Hardman—Handsome cushions.
  Mr R. Thomas—Solid silver lady's companion.
  Mr and Mrs Jas. Sloan—Cheese dish and fruit bowl.
  Mrs W. Aumann—Set jugs.
  Mrs H. Squires—Set jugs.
  Mrs Jno. Sloan—Epergne.
  Mr A. Stiggants—Set of carvers.
  Mr G. Stiggants—Trays.
  Miss Mullens—Cake stand and flower bowl.
  Mrs Kruse—3 enamelled saucepans.
  Miss M. Speers (cousin of bride— Pair beaded serviette rings.
  Mrs H. Smith—Flower vase and ornaments.
  Mr L. Beale—Jug and glasses.
  Miss Eyers—Silver dish stand.
  Miss L. Francis—Silver jelly dishes.
  Miss H. Franois—Salt cellars and plates.
  Mr Whellah—Butter and sugar basin.
  Mrs Mollison—Serviettes
  Mrs Winch—Serviettes and side board cover.
  Miss Wyatt—Egg cups and stand.
  Mrs Lemon—Indian silk table cloth.
  Mr and Mrs Quick—Silver serviette rings.
  Mr C. Sanford (brother of groom)—Spring rocking chair.
  Mr H. White—Fruit dish and d'oyle.
  Mrs H tsrry—Biscuit burrel and dish.
  Mrs H. Aumann—Table linen.
  Misses and Master Aumann—Biscuit barrel, butter dish, and salt sellars.
  Miss A. Aumann—Dessert spoons and sugar spoons.
  Mr H. Morris—Silver jelly dish.
  Mrs J. Mullens—Crochet work.
  Miss Langford--Pair vases.
  Miss B Hartrick (cousin of bride)—Pair urns.
  Miss V. Thomas—Epergne.
  Mr G. Mahoney—Pair vases.
  Mrs Doyle—Pair vases.
  State School Children to Bride—Silver butter dish and knife (name engraved).

Occupation: Labourer

Known as "John", and "Jack".

Edward is found on the electoral rolls in the following divisions:
1909: Ringwood, Victoria (p20 #1176)
1931: Collingwood, Victoria (p25 #5630)
1936: Collingwood, Victoria (p25 #5621)


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