Skomakare Family

Jan Adolf Skomakare

also spelled Johan Adolf Skomakare

Birth: 1805 or 1806

Married: to Sara Margareta Persdotter on 19 April 1832, in Bälinge, Södermanland, Sweden. Banns read 1 April 1832.


Occupation: Navy seaman (båtsman). Båtsmän were navy recruits who represented a "ward" (rote) in coastal provinces. The men in the rote paid a salary to, and provided a cottage and smallholding (torp) to, their båtsman. When not on naval duty, the båtsman would work on farms in the rote. Upon retirement or death of the båtsman, the family had to vacate the torp. In some records, Jan is described as a "krono båtsman", literally "crown seaman", but I am unsure what this additional designation signifies - probably some type of rank.

Each seaman in a Company had to have a unique name, to avoid confusion in battle. The båtsmän thus selected new names for themselves that were unique, and were often related to the place where they lived. Jan Adolf was named "Skomakare" which means "shoemaker" but since prior inhabitants of the torp, also båtsmän, were also named Skomakare, we see that his name comes somehow from the house. This is an excellent description of this "allotment system"


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