The Tonanik Family

Pung-i "Jessie" Tonanik
Pung-i "Jessie" (Tonanik) Carpendale on her  chicken farm in Surrey, British Columbia
photo provided by Deanna Matthews

Pung-i "Jessie" (Tonanik) Carpendale

Birth: 1 May 1889, in South Head, N.E. Siberia, Russia

Married: Clarendon Coulson Carpendale in 1905 in East Cape, Siberia, Russia. Jessie was given away by her Mother.

Death: 30 September 1971, in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, aged 82.

Buried: New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

Notes: Pung-i was a Chukchi, a people indigenous to Far Eastern Siberia. She was given the Western name "Jessie" presumably in honour of her mother-in-law Jessie Ann Turner. In 1927, she escaped Communist rule with her family by crossing the Bering Strait in kayaks, landing in Alaska. They lived for a period in Nome, Alaska, then Seattle, Washington and eventually moved to Surrey, British Columbia. Canadian Immigration records their arrival in Vancouver, British Columbia on 28 November 1927.

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