The Barker Family

Richard Donthorn Barker

Birth: 1846, in Fincham, Norfolk, England

Married: Alice Donthorn Risley on 26 February 1879 in St Peters Cathedral, Pietermaritzburg, Natal
Richard Donthorn Barker is recorded as a bachelor, aged 33. He is a merchant, resident in Maritzburg. Alice Risley is recorded as a spinster, aged 24, resident in Maritzburg. The marriage was performed by Bishop John William Colenso ("Jno. Natal") and witnessed by William Risley and Jno. ?.


Occupation: Merchant

Death: 14 August 1880, in Pietermaritzburg, Natal

1851: Richard D. Barker, grand son, is aged 3, born in Fincham, Norfolk


Reginald Donthorn Barker

Birth: 2 December 1879, in Pietermaritzburg, Natal

Father: Richard Donthorn Barker

Mother: Alice Donthorn (Risley) Barker

Married: Lilian Stanley on 29 April 1922, in St Peters Church, Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa
Reginald Donthorn Barker is recorded as a bachelor, aged 42. He is a civil servant, resident at the Natal ?amby Hotel, P.M.B. Lilian Stanley is recorded as a spinster, aged 20, resdient at The Oaks, P.M.B. The marriage was performed by Heywood Harris and witnessed by B. Stanley and J.M.H. White.

Lilian was born in 1901/2, and died in 1960.

Occupation: Civil Servant

Death: 1959

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