The Lasbrey Family

Frederick Oakley Lasbrey

Birth: 9 November 1872, in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, England

Baptism: 10 January 1873, in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, England

Father: Frederick William Lasbrey

Mother: Louisa Jane (Oakley) Lasbrey

Education: University of Edinburgh, graduating M.B., Ch.B. in 1897

Married (1st): Emily Frances Waller on 23 January 1902

Married (2nd): May Broadfoot, in 1908 in Cairo, Egypt

May was a nurse / sister / matron at the Cairo Hospital.

Occupation: Physician. Frederick was a missionary doctor with the Church Missionary Society (C.M.S.) in Egypt, where he became the medical superintendent of the Old Cairo Mission Hospital. After 30 years in Egypt, Frederick returned to Edinburgh in 1929 to become superintendent and secretary of the Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society. He retired from this post in 1938, and became a G.P. in Wethersfield, Essex.

Frederick described the Mission Hospital in an article in The Muslim World July 1924 p279
  There are in Egypt two principal diseases, grave ailments affecting many thousands of people. One of these is Ankylostomiasis, or Hook Worm disease, characterized by Anĉmia, and the other Bilharziasis. For many years thousands of Egyptians suffering from the former complaint have sought treatment at our hands; and more recently, since an effectual remedy has been discovered, crowds of patients suffering from Bilharzial disease have come to the hospital. The Ankylostoma patients, the great majority of whom are in-patients, make a stay of ten to twelve days, and more than half of the Bilharzial patient either enter the actual wards of the hospital or the
Anĉmia shelters, where they remain nearly a month. Treatment of community diseases such as the above affords the opportunity of "broadcasting" the Gospel in a way unparalleled by any other method of Evangelism. When the fact is considered that, in the course of a year, these patients come from close upon a thousand villages throughout the country, it is not difficult to see that the opportunity thus provided may be a veritable lever for evangelism in the hands of the Medical Missionary.

A Case of Abdominal or Bilocular Hydrocele (British Medical Journal 26 August 1916 p292)
Notes on One Thousand Cases of Bilharziasis Treated by Antimony Tartrate (British Medical Journal 26 February 1921 pp299-301)
Treatment of Bilharziasis by Antimony Tartrate (British Medical Journal 24 May 1924 pp907-8)

Death: 30 December 1967, in Kempston, Bedfordshire, England, aged 95
British Medical Journal 6 April 1868 p55
Dr. F. O. Lasbrey, a former medical superintendent of the Old Cairo Mission Hospital, and later superintendent and secretary of the Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society, died in Kempston, Bedfordshire, on 30 December 1967, at the age of 95.
  Frederick Oakley Lasbrey was born on 9 November 1872, and received his medical education at the University of Edinburgh, graduating M.B., Ch.B. in 1897. Shortly afterwards he went to Cairo under the Church Missionary Society to work in the famous Old Cairo Mission Hospital, of which he later became the medical superintendent. In 1929 he returned to Edinburgh after some 30 years in Egypt to become the superintendent and secretary of the Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society, under which he had trained as a medical student. He did valuable work in this connexion for nine years, retiring in 1938 to go into general practice at Wethersfield, Essex.
  Dr. Lasbrey was a quiet man, loved and respected by those who knew him. One Egyptian who worked in his hospital said of him that " he was faithful in his deeds, kind to his workers, wise in his words, surpasses all others in his ministry to all the poor . . ."
  His had been a long and useful life dedicated to the service of others.- E. L. F.


1881: Heath Villa, Uttoxeter, Stafford
1891: 45 St Peter's Street, Bedford St Peter, Bedfordshire
1901: Little Coxwell, Berkshire: Frederick C. Lasbrey is aged 28, born in Uttoxeter, Stafforshire. He is a Physician and Surgeon.


Harold William Lasbrey

Birth: 15 October 1904

Father: Frederick Oakley Lasbrey

Mother: Emily Frances (Waller) Lasbrey

Death: 4 November 1905, in Old Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
Mercy and truth: a record of C.M.S. medical mission work p28 (1906)
Personal Announcements
Egypt. - Harold, infant son of Dr. and Mrs. F. D. Lasbrey, at Old Cairo, on November 4. Aged one year.

The cause of Harold's death was to do with the climate in Egypt. In a eulogy to his mother, who died the next year, we find:
Blessed Be Egypt October 1906 p121
We remember well when she returned from England this last time, with her little son in whom she rejoiced; and then, on almost the morrow of her return, God's hand was laid upon the lad, and He took him away to Himself. Did she murmur? Did she vex herself? Did she rebel? No! She said, "But for the climate, he would not have died. I am glad, therefore, that by this I know it was for the cause, for the work's sake, that he has been given!" Noble words! in which she expressed her utter devotion to Jesus Christ, and her willingness to sacrifice her very dearest for Him and His Kingdom.


Violet Arabella (Lasbrey) Warren

Father: Frederick Oakley Lasbrey

Mother: Emily Frances (Waller) Lasbrey

Married: Desmond Cecil Robert Warren in 1929 in St Martin district, London, England.
Desmond was born on 21 April 1895 at 71 Stephen Green S, Dublin, Ireland, the son of Henry Charles Warren and Florence _____. He was baptised on 24 June 1895 in St Matthias, Dublin.
Desmond served in World War I and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Army Service Corps on 5 July 1915 (London Gazette 14 July 1915 p6925)
1901: St. Stephen's Green S. Dublin, Ireland
1911: Holywell, Flintshire: Desmond Cecil Robert Warren, boarder, is aged 15, born in Dublin

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