The Mulley Family

Sophia (Mulley) Cock

Birth: 5 May 1802

13 June 1802, in Thurston, Sufoflk, England

James Mulley

Mother: Elizabeth (Wilding) Mulley

George Cock on 27 February 1823, in Thurston, Suffolk, England.

Buried: 9 February 1867, in Tostock, Suffolk


William James Mulley

Baptism: 6 May 1820, in Norton, Suffolk, England

Father: George Cock. William was born three years before Sophia Mulley married George Cock, and was given the surname Mulley, but his marriage record lists him as the son of George Cock. It is possible that George was not his birth father but rather adopted him (formally or informally) after marrying his mother.

Sophia Mulley

Eliza Wretham on 23 November 1841, in Woolpit, Suffolk, England. The marriage was witnessed by Mary Ann Ramsbotham and George Cock. William is listed as a bachelor, and a labourer of Woolpit, the son of George Cock, labourer. Eliza is listed as aged 20, a spinster of Woolpit and the daughter of James Wretham, a labourer. (The George Cock who witnessed the wedding is Willam's brother who later married Mary Ann Ramsbotham)



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