The Rolston Family

Annie Eliza Margaret Rolston

Birth: 21 March 1857, in Cannanore, Madras, India
Bombay Times 2 April 1857
At Cannanore on 22nd wife of Capt Rolston 14th R A D, A C G , a dau.

Baptism: 25 May 1857, in Cannanore, Madras, India

William Thomas Kidman Rolston

Mother: Maria Isabella (Evans) Rolston

Death: 19 July 1938

1881: Crouch Oak Road, Chertsey, Surrey


Caroline Maria (Rolston) Bigg-Wither

Birth: 4 March 1850, in Quilon, Madras, India
Allen's Indian Mail 4 May 1850 p262
ROLSTON, wife of Lieut. W.T. 14th N.I. d. at Quilon, Mar. 4.

Baptism: 19 May 1850, in Quilon, Madras, India

William Thomas Kidman Rolston

Mother: Maria Isabella (Evans) Rolston

Married: Archibald Cuthbert Bigg-Wither on 7 November 1871, in Lezayre, Isle of Man. Archibald is listed as aged 27, and Caroline as aged 21.

Died: 17 December 1942

1881: Crouch Oak Road, Chertsey, Surrey
1911: Hambledon district, Surrey


Mary (Rolston) Dumbell

Birth: 22 August 1852, in Madras, Madras, India
Allen's Indian Mail 29 October 1852 p613
ROLSTON, wife of Lieut. W.T. 14th N.I. d. at Madras, Aug. 22.

Baptism: 2 December 1852, in St Andrews, Madras, India

William Thomas Kidman Rolston

Mother: Maria Isabella (Evans) Rolston

Alured Dumbell
Sir Alured Dumbell
photo from Manx Worthies (A.W. Moore, 1901)
Married: Alured Dumbell on 15 July 1875, in All Saints, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England. Alured is listed as a widower, the son of George William Dumbell. Mary is listed as single, the daughter of William Thomas Kidman Rolston.
Alured was born on 12 January 1835, in Douglas, Isle of Man, and baptised on 19 February 1835 in St George, Douglas, the son of George William Dumbell and Mary Gibson. He was previously married to Mary Elizabeth Gibson on 14 January 1862, in West Derby district, Lancashire, England, who died on 9 June 1874. Alured was knighted in 1899, and died in 1900.

Manx Worthies p88 (A.W.Moore, 1901)
ALURED DUMBELL, Knight (b. 1835, d. 1900), second son of G. W. Dumbell (banker, member of the Bar and of the House of Keys), and Miss Gibson, was educated at a private school in Douglas. He then entered the firm of Harris and Adams as a law student, afterwards serving a short period of his articles with Mr James Spittall. Admitted to the Bar in 1858, he soon acquired a large and important practice at the north of the island. His appointments were—High-Bailiff of Ramsey in 1873, second deemster in 1880, and clerk of the rolls in 1883. he was knighted in 1899, and, a short time before his death, he acted as deputy-governor. " There is no doubt," says " The Isle of Man Times," ' That Sir Alured Dumbell was a man of great ability, but the success which he achieved in the legal profession was not so much due to the possession of any very exceptional degree of forensic acumen, but to his ready wit his practical business-like instincts, and his uncommon powers of penetration, combined with an integrity of purpose that was never absent from anything in his public career. In the Legislature, though his work was largely confined to criticism of others, he was, nevertheless, not only an influential but a very useful member, and, on its committees, in particular he did good service. Apart from his legal and legislative work his chief interest was in agriculture, of which he had considerable knowledge. He was a prominent member of the insular Agricultural Society, and some years ago, took the leading part in settling a dispute which arose between its northern and southern members. He is certainly one of the ablest men this island has produced during the present century.

Who's Who 1900 p355
DUMBELL, His Honour Sir Alured; Judge of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice for the Isle of Man since 1883, and a Member of the Executive and Legislative Councils; b. 1835; s. of late George William Dumbell of Douglas, banker, and Mary, d. of Wood Gibson of Liverpool; m. Mary, d. of late Major Rolston of the Indian Army (d. 1894), 1875. Educ.: entirely by private tutors. Was Chief Magistrate of Ramsey, 1873-80; Northern Deemster, 1880-83; appointed Clerk of the Rolls (very closely corresponding to Master of the Rolls in England) 1883. Address: Ballaughton, near Douglas, Isle of Man. Club: Junior Constitutional, Piccadilly.

Sir Alured Dumbell wikipedia page

Death: 1894

Buried: 6 June 1894, on the Isle of Man, aged 40

1881: "Hill-side", Summerland, Maughold, Isle of Man


Susan Mary (Rolston) Baiss

Susan Mary (Rolston) Baiss
Susan Mary (Rolston) Baiss
(click for complete group picture)
photo from B.C. Archives
Birth: 16 July 1848, in Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales

William Thomas Kidman Rolston

Mother: Maria Isabella (Evans) Rolston

Married: James Baiss on 21 January 1874, in Lezayre, Isle of Man

Death: 25 February 1921, in Oak Bay, British Columbia, Canada, aged 73

Buried: Ross Bay cemetery, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (Block V Plot 9 W 47)

Notes: Susan emigrated to Canada in 1885

This description of the type of entertaining done by Susan in Victoria is from the Victoria Daily Colonist 26 March 1905 p6
  Mrs. Baiss was At Home to a considerable number of her Victoria friends on Tuesday afternoon, at her residence on Cook street, opportunity being taken of the occasion to welcome back from England, where her honeymoon had been spent, Mrs. J. D. Pemberton (Mr. Baiss' daughter) , who assisted in dispensing the hospitalities of the afternoon. The reception room was prettily decorated in springtime flowers, daffodils, violets and smilax being employed with notably artistic effect; and the informality and genuine "at-homeness" of the afternoon were very much enjoyed. Mrs. Baiss was gowned becomingly in pale grey liberty satin, trimmed with pink velvet; Mrs. Pemberton in a smart costume of pink crepe de chine, attesting the skill of Miss McMillan in toilette designing and execution, which was trimmed with Japanese embroidery in a chrysanthemum design - the material and trimmings having been sent from Japan by Mrs. Pemberton's father.  Miss Baiss' costume was of cream silk with Limerick lace flounce and berthe; while Miss Amy Angus, who also assisted during the afternoon, wore white crepe de chine, with brown panne velvet, her large picture hat being trimmed with burnt orange roses. Among the guests of the afternoon were Mrs. Cole, Mr. Welby Solomon, Mrs. Berkeley, Mrs. O. M. Jones, Mrs. Hasell, Mrs. W. Fleet Robertson, Mrs. Hamfield, Mrs. W. E. Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Smith, Miss Macdonald, Mrs. Gavin H. Burns, Mrs . Fmnk Hanlngton, Rev. and Mrs. Baugh Allen, Mrs. Arthur Robertson, the Bishop and Mrs. Perrin, Mrs. H. C . Courtney, Mrs. Gresley, Mrs. McCallum, Mrs. A. T. Goward, Miss Goward, Mrs. Loeweh, the Misses Gertrude and Eva Loewen, Mr. Stuart Williams, Miss Brady, Miss Dupont, Miss Amy and Miss C . E. Dupont, the Misses Kltto, Mrs. Tuck, Mrs. E. Rocke Robertson, Mrs. and Miss Brown, Miss Ethel Tilton, Mr. K. J. Scholefield. Mr. E. P. I. Colley, Mr. Forsyth, Mrs. Gillespie, Rev. Canon Beanlands, Mr. and Mrs. Maclure,  Mrs. and Miss Angus , Mrs. Pemberton, the Misses Susie and Sophie Pemberton and many others. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Pemberton will leave in about a fortnight to spend the summer months at Alexander Ranch, near Calgary.

Census & Addresses:
1880: Precinct 1 and 2, Bandera, Texas
1891: New Westminster, British Columbia
1901: Meares St, Victoria, British Columbia
1904: Cook Street, Victoria, British Columbia (Victoria Daily Colonist 26 March 1905 p6)
1909: 1606 Belmont Avenue, Victoria, British Columbia (house architect Samuel Maclure)
1911: 1606 Belmont Avenue, Victoria, British Columbia  (Google Maps street view of this address)
1921: 1652 Wilmot Place, Oak Bay, British Columbia  (death registration)


William Thomas Kidman Rolston

Birth: 29 March 1821

Father: Thomas Ralston, M.D. Staff Surgeon to the Forces at Malta

Mother: Susanna Sarah Parkinson

Married: Maria Isabella Evans

Occupation: Army Officer, Indian Army. William's application for cadetship in the EIC Army was made in 1839, joining the 14th Native Infantry. He was appointed sub-assistant commissary-general on 14 January 1853, assigned to Cannanore (East India Register 1857 Madras p20). William was promoted to captain on 22 July 1853 (Allen's Indian Mail 20 September 1853 p552). At the time of his death, he was deputy-assistant commissary-general and police magistrate in Cannanore.

Death: 31 March 1857, in Bangalore, Madras, India, of cholera, after drinking tainted water.
Allen's Indian Mail 2 June 1857 p331
Capt. W.T.K. Rolston, 14th N.I., at Bangalore, March 31.

Allen's Indian Mail 19 May 1857 p306
DEATH OF CAPTAIN ROLSTON,- We regret to announce the death of Captain Rolston, of the 14th regiment N.I., from cholera, while travelling from Madras to Bangalore. He had recently come to the presidency to accompany his regiment to Singapore, but was directed to return to Cannanore and resume his appointment of deputy-assistant commissary-general, when he fell a victim to that terrible and mysterious scourge, which "like the pestilence that walketh in darkness, and the destruction that wasteth at noonday," has lately prevailed to such a fearful extent on the Bangalore road.- Spectator, April 2.

Allen's Indian Mail 9 June 1857 p375
DEATHS FROM DRINKING BAD WATER.=It has long been known that bad water loaded with organic matter is a fruitful source of disease. The death of Capt. W.T.R. Rolston, police magistrate of Cannanore, as announced by the Bombay Times, illustrates our position. He was returning to Cannanore via Bangalore, with his sister, the wife of Col. Stevenson, of the 1st Madras Fusiliers, and child. Before reaching Bangalore, he imprudently drank some bad water, as also did Mrs. Stevenson and the child. They were shortly afterwards seized with cholera, and both Capt. Rolston and Mrs. Stevenson died. The child recovered.

United Service magazine 1857 Part II p474

  March 31, at Bangalore, of cholera, Capt. William Thomas Kidman Rolston, 14th Reg., M.N.I., Dep.-Assist. Commissary-Gen., aged 37; and on the 10th Sept. previously, at Jaulnah, after the same fatal disease, Capt. George Raithby Rolston, 47th Regiment, M.N.I., aged 34, sons of the late Thomas Rolston, Esq., M.D., Staff-Surgeon to the Forces at Malta.

Buried: 1 April 1857 in Agram Protestant Cemetery, Bangalore, Madras, India, aged 37


William George Rolston

Birth: 7 November 1855, in Cannanore, Madras, India
Allen's Indian Mail 2 January 1856 p9
ROLSTON, wife of W.T.K. 14th N.I. s. at Cannanore, Nov. 7.

Father: William Thomas Kidman Rolston

Mother: Maria Isabella (Evans) Rolston

Education: King William's College, Castletown, Isle of Man, which he attended from 1872 until 1875, then the isle of man Theological College.
King William's College register (1905) p152
Rolston, William George, born Nov 7th, 1855. Left March, 1875.
  Son of W.T.H. Rolston, Ramsey, I.O.M. Pleignier's.
    Isle of Man Theological College. D. 1883. P. 1886. Domestic Chaplain Bishop's Court, I.O.M. 1883-88. Chaplain of Dhoon, Maughold, I.O.M., 1891. Christ Church, Dhoon, Maughold, I.O.M.

Married: Henrietta May Skrine on 26 June 1892, in Paddington district, London, England. Henrietta was born on 22 May 1857, in Whitby, Yorkshire, the daughter of Clarmont Skrine and Mary Ann Auchmuty Bennett. Henrietta died in 1943, in Norwich district, Norfolk, aged 86, was buried on 27 May 1943, in Kirkley, Suffolk, aged 86.

Occupation: Clergyman. William was ordained deacon in 1883 and priest in 1886. He served as Domestic Chaplain in Bishop's Court, Isle of Man, from 1883 until 1886, then as Chaplain of Dhoon, Maughold, Isle of Man in 1891. Later, he was Rector of Cantley, Norfolk.

Notes: William declared bankruptcy in 1912 (Edinburgh Gazette 12 November 1912 p1168), and applied for a debtor's discharge in 1919 (London Gazette 17 June 1919 p7760)

Death: 1940, in Lothingland district, Suffolk, England, aged 84

Buried: 1940, in the Municipal cemetery, Kirkley, Suffolk, England, aged 84

Census & Addresses:
1881: 18 Lezaryre Road, Lezayre, Isle of Man
1894: Maughold, Isle of Man (Brown's Directory, 1894)
1905: Christ Church, Dhoon, Maughold, Isle of Man (King William's College register (1905) p152)
1912: The Rectory, Cantley, Norfolk (Edinburgh Gazette 12 November 1912 p1168)
1919: The Rectory, Cantley, Norfolk (London Gazette 17 June 1919 p7760)


_____ Rolston


Birth: 17 November 1845, in Madras, India
Allen's Indian Mail 21 January 1846 p455
ROLSTON, the lady of W.T. d. Nov. 17. Since dead.

Father: William Thomas Kidman Rolston

Mother: Maria Isabella (Evans) Rolston

Death: 1845/6


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